Wonders of Manjistha

See the many benefits of using this ayurvedic herb in your daily routine

By Author  |  Published: 11th Mar 2019  6:48 pm
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Every year or so, there is some ayurvedic herb which tends to catch everyone’s fancy owing to its many heretofore unknown benefits and it seems to appear in every beauty or health product we can find. This time, it seems to be Manjistha, also called Indian madder which is best known for the brilliant red shade it imparts wherever it’s used. In fact, there are so many benefits to this so far obscure herb, that it can actually be called a power player in the army of Ayurvedic concoctions.

Mix it up

A dash of this in a concoction of milk, yoghurt or honey applied all over the body can visibly brighten the skin tone and even it out. Win-win right. Summer brings with it many types of skin issues, like rashes, breakouts and tanning, which can be solved pretty easily by this wonderful herb. A powerful compound contained inside Manjistha is Alizarin which has oodles of antibacterial properties.

Dry skin, rashes, itchiness, inflammation, scar lightening or detox are some of the many ways you can utilise Manjistha in your daily skincare and health routine. Fix that sluggish digestion with a dose of some powder made from this herb and watch your digestion improve. Its immune boosting properties help ward away any communicable diseases which often crop up during change of seasons.

Choose the form

Depending on what you want to use it for, you can consume it in either tablet form or use the decoction of its oil. Its clarifying properties help purify blood, skin allergies, and heals wounds a bit more faster than letting nature take its course. Alternatively, there is another simple way of incorporating it into your daily routine. Make face packs and scrubs and watch your skin heal gradually. Used regularly, you will observe your skin brightening and becoming healthier.


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