Wooing them with books

Children’s libraries host fun events and interactions to make reading a part of their life

By Author   |   Published: 11th Jan 2017   11:11 pm Updated: 11th Jan 2017   8:04 pm

It looks super cute when we come across a ten-year-old kid sitting in a corner of a dim-lit room, reading a book. Don’t bother the child, for kids get annoyed if they are disturbed when engrossed in reading. The habit of reading among kids has increased after they are exposed to various sources of reading. 

Popular American fantasy and fiction writer, Ray Bradbury said, “Without libraries, what do we have? We have no past and no future.” This quote by the intellectual is enough to explain the role of libraries in the upbringing of (generations of) children and the society as well. In order to give kids the utmost experience of reading, a few exclusive children’s libraries from the city are organising various out-of-the-box activities for kids. The added bonus is that their collection of books for kids is no longer boring.

Located at Shaikpet, KidEngage is one of those libraries which offer a platform to enable holistic development of children. Kids can avail the facility of renting books of different languages from the library and taking them home. Alternatively, they can drop by at the library and read for as long as they please, or even book what they want to read online. 

KidEngage has more than 20,000 titles in their collection. The management of the library also refers a few books to kids based on their interests. Richa Chadda, caretaker of the library, says, “Reading is incomplete if the doubts aren’t clarified. So, we regularly organise interactive sessions for kids with their favourite authors. Now, schools are also making reading a part of academics which is appreciable as it increases the kids’ enthusiasm to read.”

Kaleidoscope, another library at Kondapur, is a good place to engage kids. This library has 8,000 books for children. Those who love reading fiction, non-fiction, Indian history, adventure, crime and mystery books can visit this place. Young readers can have an extensive choice of classic collection sets from Tintin and Asterix to Enid Blyton, from retellings of Shakespeare to Harry Potter. 

The book reading kits at Just Books, a library for young kids, have been designed especially to promote creativity in children, and to help parents in making sure that the kids stay away from gadgets and television. 

The only aim of these libraries is to inculcate the habit of reading in kids and keep the essence of reading alive as much as possible. Just by enrolling themselves for a monthly or yearly membership, parents can encourage their children to just keep reading during their free time.