Words and games

A peek at the classic word games to impart knowledge and improve skills.

By Author  |  Aditya Deshbandhu  |  Published: 26th Aug 2017  11:00 pmUpdated: 27th Aug 2017  12:39 am

Communication and communication technologies are the hallmark of the era we live in today. The need to express one’s ideas in the best way possible is of paramount importance. Speaking and writing are skills that often need constant work but are often ignored owing to hectic schedules and the lack of a ‘fun’ way to work on them.

However, owing to smartphones and their convergent nature, a lot of popular word games are now available for free. This category of games has a very wide range as classic game forms like Scrabble, Hangman and Crossword Puzzles have been adapted and improved upon in their digital forms. The digital jump has enabled these games to acquire unique new spins and takes that make them a lot of fun!

This week, we look at four fun word games that are free but will also improve your grasp of words.

Words with Friends (Android & iOS)
Launched in 2009, Words with Friends by Zynga is the most popular word-based game for touch-based platforms. With more than 100 million installs and a multi-player nature the game allows you to play scrabble with anyone across the globe. With specific modes that allow you to play offline and sharpen your skills as well, the game offers a great number of avenues to add new words to your vocabulary.

Hangman (Android)
Another word-based game from 2009, Hangman by SpiceLabs has been one of my favourite word-based games since the days I used a Blackberry. The game is a classic rendition of the “Hangman” where one must use a hint and a fixed number of tries to guess the answer, lest the stickman gets hung to death. With a variety of question modes and a very popular daily mode, this game is bound to be awesome.

Word Search by Crazy Letter Games (Android & iOS)
With the way the letters are arranged (horizontally backward, diagonally, vertically flipped and so on), and a variety of well-used camouflage techniques, this game can have the word staring you in your face but one can still not notice it. With a running down clock, this game can be very difficult and relatively simple at the same time.

World’s Biggest Crossword (Android & iOS)
Crossword puzzles have been a great draw for the cerebrally attuned ever since they became a daily fixture in newspapers worldwide. This game by AppyNation claims to be the world’s largest crossword puzzle and also serves as a giant repository of clues. Just like Hangman, this game also has a very popular daily mode and a very dedicated global player base. A game that will need you to think as well as search for a variety of words every day.

It is essential for us as players to remember that building a formidable vocabulary and a comprehensive grasp of the language is an arduous and time-consuming job. These games can make the process fun and engaging but will show results only if they are engaged with on a regular basis and results can take time. I strongly advise patience and dedication as the right set of words have the potential to unlock doors that were otherwise closed (both literally and figuratively).