Working individuals, take a note!

Make sure you don't leave home without these necessities

By Author  |  Published: 19th Mar 2019  8:44 pm

Do you have everything you need in your bag? It might sound like a simple question, with some obvious answers, but none can deny the fact that many of us struggle with what to keep inside and what to leave behind. From ‘what if there is an emergency and need some medicines?’ to ‘what if I need some chocolates or mints?’ — the ‘what ifs’ are endless.


There are chances that you might forget your wallet at home or it might get stolen. Whatever be the reason, it is annoying to be stuck somewhere without cash. It is always good to keep some money in the bag. So, make sure your bag always has some emergency cash in a tiny compartment. And no, don’t spend it on shopping.

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This is a must-have for all working professionals. Instead of carrying all important files, just carry the documents via this device with you all the time.

Sanitary napkin

Women always intend to put a sanitary napkin in the bag when the period date approaches, but end up losing track of dates. It is always better to stock a couple of sanitary pads in the bag, irrespective of when you’re due. It helps if you have irregular periods, or if, for some reason, your cycle is a bit off.


Smelling good in every way is crucial. It’s a big turn off if you have a bad breath around colleagues and you never want to be the one caught with bad breath. Carry a packet of mint or mouth freshener without fail.


No one wants to shake a hand that is dry and chapped. So, whenever you are facing this situation of dryness, just dab some lotion on hand and apply it.


You don’t want to miss an important meeting because of a headache or stomache. So, have those emergency tablets in your bag to save yourself from these unexpected situations.

Small treats

There is always a possibility of exhaustion or when you are just feeling low, small treats like dark chocolate not only boost your energy but also lift up a happy mood.