World Dance Day celebrated in Shilparamam

The event comprised Sattriya, Chhau and Odissi dance performances

By Author  |  Published: 30th Apr 2018  8:00 pmUpdated: 30th Apr 2018  7:44 pm

India is truly a nation of diversity, as reflected in each of its units, be it culture or geography, among many other things. Dance, too, is one such very diverse art form. To commemorate the occasion of World Dance day, Shilparamam Arts, Crafts and Cultural Society, in collaboration with Natyamitram, organised a spectacular dance show comprising Sattriya, Chhau and Odissi performances.

The show started with a Chhau performance by Kirti Ballet of Performing Arts. Apparently, the art form originated when the soldiers from armies of different kingdoms in India were trained in a martial art form called Chhau. This later evolved to become the Mayurbanj Chhau, where the dancers are dressed like soldiers and use swords and shields as props. Following this was a Sattriya performance by Dr Joyeeta Talukdar, Sattriya traces its roots to Assam. She narrated the different phases a girl goes through in her life in one of her performances, whereas, in another, she performed to Dr Bhupen Hazarika’s Ganga Behti ho Kyun, a song which asks river Ganga as to how she is able to flow so calm and smooth, despite witnessing so much callousness in the world. Next up was an Odissi performance by Sanjeev Kumar Jena and Sriradha Paul, wherein they demonstrated the intricacies of the dance form.

Despite technical glitches like a power cut that disrupted the performance, audience and artistes unswervingly made the evening a feast for the mind and eyes.