‘World Famous Lover’: Vijay Deverakonda tells us the cost of taking a relationship for granted

The movie shows different shades of love in various layers and a variety of pains one has to go through during various phases of any relationship.

By Author  |  Published: 14th Feb 2020  3:50 pm
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World Famous Lover opens with a frame of a blood splattered Vijay Deverakonda in police lockup narrating his painful love story.

Gautham, the character played by Vijay, goes on to tell his tale peeling layer by layer with stories of compromise and sacrifice which are key in any relationship as believed by his love interest Yamini (Rashi Khanna).

Gautam who is in a live-in relationship with Yamini leaves his job to follow his passion for writing. But as days pass by, he struggles to pen an exciting story. At the same time, Yamini feels that her importance in Gautham’s life is fading. Feeling that she has been taken for granted, she decides to call it quits for their relationship, and this tragic turn of events pushes Gautam into despair.

Out of this trauma, to show what he is capable of, Gautham starts writing a story by creating characters – a couple played by Seenayya (Vijay) and Suvarna (Aishwarya Rajesh), in the backdrop of coal mines in Yellandu. Using the story of this couple, Gautham brings forward the aspect of compromise, realizing its importance to keep any relationship alive.

With the story jumping back and forth between the agonising episode of Gautam-Yamini and Gautam penning stories by creating new characters, the proceedings move on. Will the couple patch-up and how, and who will turn out to be the ‘world’s famous lover’ in the end, is this love story is about.

The movie shows different shades of love in various layers and a variety of pains one has to go through during various phases of any relationship. The actor in Vijay sticks well the different layers of love in ‘World Famous Lover’ which is a film with an intense and heavy output. Given the melodramatic tone in the movie with heavy banking on establishing Gautham’s pain, it may not be everyone’s cup of tea. The weight of the story is too heavy; not all may hold it, but those who can do it will hold it dear.

Seenayya and Suvarna episode is a major plus for this movie which moves slowly. Other than Vijay and Rashi Khanna who were at their best, Aishwarya Rajesh leaves the audience in awe with her performance. The soul of the coal mine story is held by her.

All said, director Kranthi Madhav takes an unusual path in exploring the relationship between Gautham and Yamini which at times turn villain for this movie. But if one gets immersed in the life of Gautham and can empathise with him, the movie gives a rewarding experience as Vijay aces the three different roles he played. The climax of the film changes the perspective and leaves one with the question of who is the world famous lover? Is it Gautham or Yamini?

On the whole, ‘World Famous Lover’ is a set of love stories about compromise, sacrifice, and cost of taking a relationship for granted which is said in a dark and dramatic way.

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