Xiaomi and Honor trigger clash of the Bands

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By Author  |  Published: 15th Jun 2019  10:04 pm
Fitbit on a budget

Chinese companies Xiaomi and Honor have managed to successfully sail through in the electronic market. Honor, which is owned by Huawei Technologies, was started in 2013; on the other hand, Xiaomi was way ahead in business since 2010 itself. After successfully making huge impact in the gadget industry and facing competition with top smartphone companies like Apple and Samsung, both the companies have now started taking over wearable gadgets.
While Honor had launched its Band 4 towards the end of 2018, Xiaomi earlier this week had launched its Band 4. Both the activity trackers look inexplicably stylish and are bound to give a tough time to its competitors. As these bands are still new, here are some features offered by the gadgets for a better tailored experience.

Design & features

Fitbit on a budgetThe design is where both the bands vary a little. The Xiaomi Band 4 has a 0.95-inch colour amoled display that has 120×240 pixels resolution and a glass protection on top. The model comes with a built-in microphone to enable voice commands moreover it supports touch inputs as well. It weighs about 23 grams and is available in five colour variants — Black, Brown, Blue, Orange and Pink.
The Honor Band 4 is smooth and lightweight, as it just weighs 17 grams and, thus, it can be worn all day with absolute zero discomfort. The Band 4 is just in one piece, unlike a few of its other counterparts wherein the capsule is detachable. The capsule does not separate from the band, which makes the user stick to only one band. It is available in three variants which are Black, Blue and Pink.


Fitbit on a budgetXiaomi’s amoled display panel of the Band 4 is skilled to provide information about a user’s physical activity. Not just that, a user can instantaneously receive notifications on text messages and voice calls directly from the connected phone with the help of the built-in microphone of the band, which recognises voice commands.
The display can also be used for live weather and stock updates or for switching the music track with one tap. To top it up, Xiaomi has a payments mode on the Mi Band 4. A user can just swipe the screen to show to a QR code on their band to make payments on-the-go.
On the other hand, the Honor Band 4 works with Huawei’s Health app, which is well-designed. The app gives you information about a user’s health, heart rate, sleeping patterns and a lot more. In the app, a user can find a record of the number of steps they have taken. This can be sorted day-by-day or month-by-month to give you an idea of their progress.
The Honor Band 4 lets you track outdoor and indoor physical activities. One huge drawback with the Honor band is that it does not have a committed GPS chip and depends on the connected smartphone to determine its location.

Battery & connectivity

Xiaomi Band 4 is powered by a 135 mAh battery capacity compared to its previous version, which was 110mAh. Xiaomi has also added NFC support in its new Band, along with usual connectivity options. The new NFC option allows a user to make wireless payments. Mi Band 4 also has the Bluetooth 5.0 compared to Mi Band 3, which has Bluetooth 4.2 LE.Coming to the Honor Band 4, it is powered with 100 mAh battery capacity, which lasts up to 10-15 days, with the recommended settings and normal usage. The heart rate sensor uses the most battery in the device. It takes around one-and-a-half hour to completely charge the band, which also supports NFC option options but has Bluetooth 4.2 LE.


In India, the Mi Band 3 is available for Rs 1,999 in the market and Rs 1,599 on Amazon India. Conversely, Honor seems to be a bit on the pricier side, costing Rs 2,599 in the market as well as on all online markets.

Additional Features

• Water resistant
• Alarms and Stopwatch
• Accelerometer and Pedometer
• Reminders, Calendars, Emails
• Sleep Manager