Thursday, December 2, 2021


Editorial: Signs of an apocalypse

The wayward weather events come as a reminder that the country is ill-equipped to tackle many of its effects

China floods: Death toll goes up to 33

Rainwater has damaged more than 215,200 hectares of crops, causing a direct economic loss of about 1.22 billion yuan (about USD 188.6 million), state-run Xinhua news agency reported.

13 killed in flooded tunnel in China

A total of 14 workers were trapped in the construction site of the Shijingshan tunnel, part of the Zhuhai city's Xingye expressway, when the site was flooded on July 15.

Watch: Metro and subways in China’s Zhengzhou completely flooded 

The flooding has now led to the death of 16 people as per recent reports.

12 killed in heavy rain, floods in central China

The airport in Zhengzhou cancelled 260 flights into and out of the city, and local railway authorities also halted or delayed some trains.

Flood traps 14 workers in tunnel under construction in China

The cause of the 3:30 a.m. flood in the city of Zhuhai is under investigation, the city's emergency management department said in an online post.

Editorial: Neutral stand on Nepal in India’s interest

Any overt interference in domestic politics could be counter-productive for New Delhi, given the bitter experiences of the past

Why China is critical

A multi-polar world favours China but Beijing has failed to look beyond its narrow national interests

WeChat blocks several LGBT accounts in China

Chinese authorities have tightened control of views that are not in line with official policies or positions.

Didi says will protect users’ privacy after China removes app

State-run the Global Times earlier said that Didi's apparent "big data analysis" capability could pose risks to the security of personal information of millions of users.

China shares Zhurong rover’s landing footage, sounds from Mars

Footage of the entry, descent and landing shows the deployment of a supersonic disk-gap-band parachute, separation of the backshell, followed by powered descent, a hazard-avoidance hover phase and landing, SpaceNews reported on Sunday.

Apple Watch ECG gets green light in China: Report

The regulatory green light means Apple could launch the functionality with a software update for users in the country any time now.

China’s migrating elephants head further south

They travelled 23 km south between 6 p.m. on Wednesday and the same time on Thursday, reports Xinhua news agency.

China’s migrating elephant herd travels further south

For over a month, authorities have sent police to escort the herd, evacuated roads to facilitate their passage, and used food to distract them from entering densely populated areas

Opinion: Make sanctions against junta work

It is ‘constructive disengagement’ that the people of Myanmar are asking for in their struggle to restore their fledgling democracy

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