Saturday, January 22, 2022


Cloth masks are useless, say US health experts

New Delhi: Prominent public health officials in the US have increasingly highlighted the limitations of cloth face masks, pushing for more effective respirator masks...

Covid virus linked with headaches, altered mental status in hospitalised kids

New York: Of hospitalised children who tested or were presumed positive for SARS-CoV-2, 44 per cent developed neurological symptoms, and these kids were more...

Mediterranean diet linked to lower risk of mortality in older adults

Barcelona: A new study has paid adherence to the Mediterranean diet through an index made with biomarkers finding that it is associated with lower...

People suffering from depression susceptive to vaccine-related misinformation

New Jersey: During a time, when depression rates are increasing day by day due to COVID-19, a new study has revealed that people who...

Indian-origin scientist creates 1st molecular structure of Omicron protein

Published in the Science journal, the analysis which is done at near atomic resolution using cryo-electron microscopy, reveals how the heavily mutated Omicron variant attaches to and infects human cells.

Study finds cancer treatment might inhibit immune therapy to Covid vaccination

Florida: A new study has found patients with cancer who receive chemotherapy -- and some targeted therapies may mount an inadequate immune response to...

Study examines mask-wearing experiences of adult asthma patients

Researchers at the University of Illinois Chicago conducted an online survey of 501 adults with asthma to better understand the extent of, and the problems related to, mask use in the era of COVID-19.

Haunted-house experience reveals interesting insights on the body’s reaction to threats

In new research published in the journal 'Psychological Science', researchers used a haunted-house experience to study participants' subjective and physiological responses to perceived threats in a safe yet immersive environment.

Study finds COVID-19 vaccines don’t lead to infertility

In contrast, the findings indicated that COVID-19 infection among males may temporarily reduce fertility -- an outcome that could be avoidable through vaccination.

Study evaluates how walking pace impacts heart

Among 25,183 women ages 50-79 years, there were 1,455 heart failure hospitalisation cases during a median follow-up of 16.9 years.

Study examines how COVID-19 can impact pregnant women, their babies

The editorial provided a comprehensive review of what is known about the harmful effects of SARS-CoV-2 infection in pregnant women themselves, the effects on their newborns.

Study reveals best way to fix sad mood

Ohio: During a recent study, researchers found the best way to improve sad mood. They suggested that people who were feeling sad improved more...

Study finds blood cancer may stop by targeting bone cells

New York: A new study has found that to stop acute myeloid leukaemia, one of the deadliest blood cancers, targeting neighbouring bone cells may...

How to safely dine at your favourite restaurant amid Covid-19

Hyderabad: With the Omicron variant now spreading fast across the State, is it still safe to dine out? The government stressed that they don’t...

Covid booster dose provides good antibody protection against Omicron

London: A third 'booster' dose of Covid-19 vaccine successfully raises antibody levels that neutralise the Omicron variant, according to laboratory findings. Published as a research...
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