Monday, September 27, 2021


‘Dear Megha’ has a story replete with surprises and unlucky events

The latter part of the story has Adith Arun, a happy-go-lucky boy who co-incidentally bumps into Megha.

First Ride Review: This RE Classic 350 is surely a head turner!

After 12 years and a few upgrades later, the bike is still a favourite choice for enthusiasts and new riders alike

Resident Evil Village: Horror at its finest

A review of Resident Evil Villagethe scariest game of 2021

‘200 Halla Ho’: A well-balanced tale of mob revenge

200 Halla Ho is a story of women enduring a series of horrific abuses and taking justice into their hands

This ‘Bell Bottom’ has its flares right

The Akshay Kumar thriller has enough heroics to please the hero’s fans

Pokémon Unite: An entirely new genre

It is a massively online battlefield arena where players combat other players in battles

Scarlet Nexus: A fun-filled, action-packed mystery game

Scarlet Nexus is quite a fun game and the plot has several mysteries that gnaw at you and encourage you to keep playing

Narappa’s fights and stunts keep you glued

The Venkatesh, Priyamani-starrer stands up for a theme, the characters and the gripping performances

Here’s all you need to know about PlayStation 5!

The review is based on three broad categories: hardware performance, gameplay experience, and software and game content; each essential to help a console make an impression

Egg Hunt: First-person browser-based shooter

A review of Shell an FPS game in a browser

No Nonsense Nandhini, a heartwarming tale of resilience and hope

Nandhini lived in a small village Sivagangai in Tamil Nadu with her parents, Poovayi (mother) and Mani (father) along with her siblings Sasi and Vijay

’99 songs’ follows a fresh tangent

An unpretentiously made film, ‘99 Songs’ offers a pleasant viewing, despite leaving fans a tad disappointed

Sardar Ka Grandson: Interesting story with out-of-the-box concept

What robs the interesting concept is that most of it is ill-structured and the actors, despite their reputation, fall short of being their best.

Radhe: Just another outing celebrating anarchy

This Bhai is surely not the most Wanted

Vakeel Saab review: Not just a court room drama

Pawan Kalyan energises the whistle filling opportunities in the script.
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