Monday, September 20, 2021

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Telangana: Trendsetter among transformational States

By B Yerram Raju Telangana, the 12th largest State in India, will soon be the most dynamic State though the youngest among the States in...

Opinion: Promising potential for fisheries sector

By Pittala Ravinder The efforts by the Telangana government during the last five years to rejuvenate the ailing fisheries sector are proliferating favourable results. This...

Opinion: Income of nations, States and people’s progress

By JR Janumpalli The buzzword everywhere is development and distribution of wealth to the people. It is more strident in developing and poor countries. In...

Opinion: Cultures of commemoration

By Pramod K Nayar As the storm rages around the “restoration” of Jallianwalla Bagh, another anniversary has just passed by: the events of 9/11. Beyond...

A mega sale of public assets

Does the state lack the expertise to improve the performance of the assets in question?

Opinion: Cater to children with special needs

By Dr GVS Murthy Though all children were impacted severely due to Covid-19, children with disabilities having special needs were impacted more adversely. There are...

Opinion: Reaching out to kids, digitally

Auditory and visual (in-print and online) asynchronous learning works best during crisis periods

Opinion: A roadmap for roll-out of Dalit Bandhu

By KS Gopal Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao has initiated a bold, innovative and pioneering agenda for the people living at the bottom of...

Opinion: Set up Supreme Court Regional Bench in Hyderabad

There is a constitutional provision for setting up Cassation Benches in different regions

The cryptocurrencies conundrum

There are some significant challenges inherent in dealing with cryptocurrencies

Opinion: Her right to equality

India needs ‘disruptive change’ to shatter patriarchal social norms

Opinion: Routes to asset monetisation

In cases of public and private sector collaboration, due diligence is critical

Opinion: Revival of freedom state is key

It is imperative that the Indian state facilitates more participative rather than authoritarian governance

Opinion: Do not delay policy on child labour

Poverty is no excuse as every child is entitled to right to education

Opinion: Khalistanis and Taliban

Those running ‘Sikhs for Justice’ campaign have only exposed themselves with their ‘love’ for a bigoted regime
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