Sunday, January 23, 2022


The daring Webb quest

By Marcia Rieke The world’s largest and most powerful space telescope rocketed away on December 25 on a high-stakes quest to behold light from the...

A leaf out of Telangana’s Cooperatives

By Dr Chennamaneni Ramesh Farmers’ protest against the farm laws and subsequently their rollback by the government reflect the culpability of the market in the...

The Art of War

By Pramod K Nayar  “Not a spot is to be left without some marks of blood and carnage”.  The 20th century poet Wilfred Owen, who had encountered...

The Russia-Ukraine faceoff

Ukrainian and Western officials are worried that a Russian military buildup near Ukraine could signal plans by Moscow to invade its ex-Soviet neighbour. The...

AFSPA: The Cauldron of Woe

By Beni Sumer Yanthan Brother, Your blood has drenched this earth And soaked up our sins, Your silent screams now hang above This parched town Where the mist gathers at...

Rise of the Rich

By V Upadhyay In mainstream economics, the questions related to distribution are generally not considered very significant. Discussion of distribution is confined to the field...

Whittling away food security

Non-implementation of open-ended procurement policy in true letter and spirit is against the mandate of Food Corporation of India

Apathetic governance, agonised farmers

Not buying parboiled rice in Yasangi effectively means not buying a single grain from Telangana this season

India’s new quest for regional identity

The problem is consistency, and from time to time, Indian focus keeps shifting from the SAARC region

Monetisation of National Assets

Though an important policy direction, National Monetisation Pipeline is fraught with risks, and requires careful planning and implementation

Humanity’s hope at Glasgow

With cooperation and dialogue, the international community can leverage COP26 to reduce the points of friction

The Life and Crimes of Agatha Christie

By Pramod K Nayar “You…have a natural flair for justice, and that has led to your having a natural flair for crime”. “It was feeling…It wasn’t...

Coal Shock

With depleting coal stocks and rising energy demand, going big on green power is the best bet

AUKUS, QUAD, Asia-Pacific and Beyond

By Rityusha Mani Tiwary The United States, United Kingdom and Australia announced a new trilateral defence deal (AUKUS) on September 16, 2021. The former two...

Architecture for infra financing

When startups can raise billions without any difficulty, why is infra financing proving to be a puzzle over decades?
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