Wednesday, October 20, 2021


AUKUS, QUAD, Asia-Pacific and Beyond

By Rityusha Mani Tiwary The United States, United Kingdom and Australia announced a new trilateral defence deal (AUKUS) on September 16, 2021. The former two...

Architecture for infra financing

When startups can raise billions without any difficulty, why is infra financing proving to be a puzzle over decades?

Marks of Merkel

As the woman who changed Germany demits office after 16 years as Chancellor, there’s a new German Consensus that there will be no more new fences

The crux of cryptocurrencies

By R Gandhi Cryptocurrencies, or virtual currencies, have caught the fancy of over one-and-a-half crore Indians as per claims of cryptocurrency exchanges. The trading volume...

Paris, Poetry and Power of Symbols

By Pramod K Nayar Poetry has often had to engage with the horrors of industrialisation or imperialism. The English Romantics’ antipathy towards railway lines is...

War lost Battle won

As the US called curtains on its ‘forever war’ and evacuated its last soldier, it left behind a country in a complete mess. Even...

The Jackal: Forsyth’s cool killer turns 50  

Frederick Forsyth’s masterly tweaking of the spy thriller gave us a classic that made murder a high-class, highly skilled profession

Destroyers of their own heritage

The fate of Afghanistan’s rich archaeological history, art and artefacts remains uncertain

Column: Jana Gana Mana and the foreign touch

Margaret Cousins, an Irish by birth, set the tune and Herbert Murrill, an English musician, made it speedy and bouncy on the lines of French national anthem La Marseillaise

Telangana to Gulf: A migration corridor at crossroads

Equipping and empowering our migrants to deal with the complications that arise at various stages of migration is no more an option

Lines of conflict

In fragile Northeast abound with border disputes, the flare-up between Assam and Mizoram over territorial claims is risky  

Eye Spy much before Pegasus

The world’s ‘Second Oldest Profession’ -- spying and espionage -- has been an integral part of the state system way before Pegasus

Olympic spirit amid pandemic shadow

The Olympics beginning in Tokyo from July 23 will see many firsts -- deferred by a year, no crowds, athletes in a bio-bubble and stringent protocols 

100 years of Chinese Communist Party

Despite several turbulent events, failed experiments and policies, the party persists

King is out. Long live the King!

As a disparate new coalition with a mere single-vote majority takes charge in Israel, it could mean more status quo than change
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