Saturday, January 22, 2022


Digital Romance – Is it Safe?

We regularly see online stories on dating apps and social media expressions, where men and women who pose as wealthy individuals promising love and then disappear once the victims are exploited

Google Workspace for Education heralds new era for students

"If you're currently using this edition, you won't see any changes besides a new name and new features. We'll keep building new solutions for this free version by listening closely to educators and their needs," said Shantanu Sinha

Google Meet allows live captions in 4 new languages

Google Meet uses speech-to-text technology to provide live captions in meetings which helps participants who may be deaf or hard of hearing follow along and stay engaged.

Google allows up to 100 breakout rooms in Meet for focused chats

With the feature, teachers and educators will be able to break their classes into smaller groups for projects or focused discussions.

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