Saturday, November 27, 2021


Covid pandemic widens socio-economic inequalities: Oxfam

Constant underfunding of public healthcare system in last decade has weakened health infrastructure, shows latest report

Oxfam India, Microsoft partner for Covid relief

Oxfam India will setup three pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology-based oxygen plants, provide oxygen/ ICU beds and medical equipment.

British Airways flight carrying 18 tonnes of aid arrives in India

According to the airline, the total weight of the medical aid was 18 tonnes, made up of five thousand pieces.

Progressive taxation for equitable recovery: Oxfam India

The government should commit to the reduction of inequality by setting a timeline

Indian billionaires increased their wealth by 35% during Covid

"In fact, the increase in wealth of the top 11 billionaires of India during the pandemic could sustain the NREGS scheme for 10 years or the health ministry for 10 years," according to the Oxfam report.

UK urged to do more to open up tax havens to public scrutiny

The British Virgin Islands, considered by anti-corruption and anti-money laundering groups as one of the murkiest financial centres in the world, was the last to join, but has finally done so.

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