Saturday, December 4, 2021


Children develop drones for critical areas

Students as young as six have come up with unique concepts that can be a game changer in the way service industry works

Telangana creating biodiverse ecosystems

Several forest areas see an increase in the number of birds and animals as the green cover is being revived

All eyes on the big screen

As theatres are set to open business, there is a palpable sense of excitement and expectations from both fans and industry players

Ecosystems in a jar

Priyanka Reddy’s brand Avni is perfect for those looking to spruce up their indoors with some beautiful terrariums

Mita Vashisht on her experience working for Zee Theatre’s ‘Agnipankh’

Also, the play is based in a Marathi background, so there are a few Marathi mixed phrases which a purely Hindi speaking person won’t use.

Raiza Wilson excited about her Telugu debut

The actor says her role in 'The Chase' is similar to a modern - day Tarzan

Meet Aron Varma, an expert in miniature tattoos

The pro tattoo artist started his tattoo studio four years ago and he managed to become successful in a short span of time.

The circus comes home

How the pandemic made the oldest circus troupe go virtual
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