Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Donald Trump

Trump calls COVID-19 as ‘artificial horrible situation’

Trump later said that the US had the 'greatest economy ever' before the COVID-19 outbreak hit the country further. He also termed the virus "as an artificial horrible situation".

US rejects Putin’s proposal on New START extension

The Russian chief arms control negotiator also noted that Russia would refuse any agreement on the New START that was timed to coincide with the US presidential election.

Trump stumps in Florida, Georgia, countering signs of Democratic surge

Trump tossed the large, loudly cheering crowd red meat on immigration, race, and his conspiracy theory that Biden is steeped in corruption.

Combative Trump insists pandemic almost over, Biden says he did ‘nothing’

Trump, who trails in the polls ahead of the November 3 election, was especially under pressure about the coronavirus that has killed over 217,000 Americans and inflicted deep economic damage.

Biden, Trump duel in battleground states 21 days from election

Biden courted the elderly, telling an event at a retirement center in Pembroke Pines, north of Miami, that Trump has "never been focused on you.

Twitter suspends fake Black pro-Trump accounts

Twitter suspended the identified profiles because they were deceiving users about their intention and their identity, and were therefore deemed to be manipulating public debate.

Vaccine reluctance linked to belief in virus hoaxes: Study

"The fostering of numerical skills for sifting through online information could well be vital for curbing the 'infodemic' and promoting good public health behaviour."

Biden made corrupt bargain in exchange for his party’s nomination: Trump

"This comprehensive data, in concert with the CDC's guidelines for removal of transmission-based precautions, have informed our medical team's assessment that the President is not infectious to others."

Behind in polls, Trump launches battleground state swing

As Trump prepared to leave the White House for the first time since returning on October 5 after three nights at Walter Reed Medical Center, he fired off a series of tweets.

Trump’s ardent fan from Telangana dies of heart attack

An ardent devotee of Donald Trump, Krishna, died. He was reportedly depressed ever since he heard that Trump tested positive for Covid-19.

Donald Trump’s Supreme Court pick faces Senate hearings

The Democrats and their presidential candidate Joe Biden are demanding that a nomination to the lifetime post be left until after the election.

Claiming Covid-19 immunity, Trump hits the election trail again

Trump will likely try to galvanize his electoral base by touting his nominee for Supreme Court justice, Amy Coney Barrett.

Canadian detained in China ‘relieved’ by virtual visit

Canada's ambassador to China Dominic Barton obtained "virtual consular access" to Spavor on Friday and Kovrig on Saturday.

Trump accuses Biden of ‘shipping jobs to China’

The Democratic presidential candidate's campaign does not allow a large gathering because of COVID-19 restrictions, with at the most a score of people sitting at a distance.

‘Feeling great,’ Trump seeks campaign comeback from Covid-19

Biden has slammed as "reckless" Trump's determination to rally huge crowds during a pandemic -- but Trump has brushed the concerns aside

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