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Elizabeth Olsen

Elizabeth Olsen speaks out in support of Scarlett Johansson

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the 'WandaVision' star recently had a brief chat with Vanity Fair about the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on theatrical releases.

What did Elizabeth Olsen do before getting into showbiz? 

Actors try different things before they get their breakthrough in the film industry. While being a waiter is a popular job in Hollywood, some...

Elizabeth Olsen casually calls longtime beau Robbie Arnett her ‘husband’

On the work front, Olsen is set to reprise her dual role of Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness next year.

Elizabeth Olsen didn’t want to be linked to Mary-Kate, Ashley Olsen

I was 10 and I was curious about auditioning... and I realised very quickly it wasn't for me because I was missing my sports teams, my dance class and all the extracurricular activities at school. But during that time

Elizabeth Olsen: Didn’t know about Marvel’s multiverse for a long time

Olsen's Marvel outing "WandaVision'' had Evan Peter's arrival as fake Pietro. Both the characters -- Wanda and Evan had been introduced by Marvel in the "Avengers" franchise.

‘Scarlet Witch’ Elizabeth Olsen’s mom goofs up her superhero shade

My mom just told me the other day that she's been calling me the 'Red Witch' for the last-she said four years, but I think I've been doing this for like six or seven. And she just learned that I was called the Scarlet Witch last week

Elizabeth Olsen: Shooting in front of live audience nerve wracking

"It was so nerve wracking, and there was a lot of adrenaline. There were a lot of quick changes and it totally confused my brain," Olsen said while recalling the experience.

Elizabeth on nepotism leading to unfounded fears

"It was insanity. There were times when my sisters would always be spotted and I would be in the car with them and it would really freak me out.

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