Saturday, January 22, 2022

White House

Rockets fired at Kabul airport intercepted by US missile defence

The White House confirmed the attack, but said that its ongoing evacuations would "continue uninterrupted"

Scientists hail golden age to trace bird migration with technology

Once the bird moves on at season's end, she'll rely on the backpack to beam frequent location data to the Argos satellite, then back to Williams's laptop, to track it.

US to donate half a billion Pfizer vaccines to lower-middle-income countries

This is the largest-ever purchase and donation of vaccines by a single country and a commitment by the American people to help protect people around the world from COVID-19, the White House said

US President Joe Biden calls love for K-pop ‘universal’

According to Variety, during the meeting, Jae-In and Biden talked about the volatile situation in North Korea and the denuclearisation of the peninsula, collaboration on vaccinations to prevent the deadly spread of COVID-19

‘Paw-some’ lives of White House dogs

The Dogs of United States have often provided much scope for hilarity during their stay

Moon rock now on display in Oval Office of White House

The "Lunar Sample 76015,143" is from the Lunar Sample Laboratory Facility at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston, the US space agency said on Thursday.

Biden signs 15 executive orders, reversing Trump’s key policies

His first executive order was launching his 100-day masking challenge, asking Americans to mask up for 100 days.

Trump executive order seeks to thwart foreign cyber meddling

Foreign malicious cyber actors aim to harm the US economy through the theft of intellectual property and sensitive data and to threaten national security by targeting the country's critical infrastructure for malicious cyber-enabled activities

Biden to sign 15 executive orders on day one as president 

Biden's first presidential actions would also include sending a comprehensive bill on immigration to the Congress, incoming White House officials said.

Facebook blocks live events around US Capitol on Jan 20

"As we did in the lead up to and following the US presidential election, we are continuing to block event creation in the US by non-US based accounts and Pages," the company announced late on Friday.

Media strategist Garima Verma named digital director for Jill Biden

Jill Biden said, "Together, we will work to open the White House in new, inclusive and innovative ways, reflecting more fully the distinct beauty of all our communities, cultures and traditions."

US has stood with India as it faced Chinese aggression: White House official

The armies of India and China are locked in a tense border standoff in eastern Ladakh since early May.

Trump ‘absolutely open’ to taking COVID-19 vaccine: White House

In the past week, the US, the worst-hit nation, has reported an average of more than 215,000 new infections a day.

Biden officially secures enough electors to become president

Trump and his allies have brought at least 50 legal cases trying to overturn the results in the swing states Biden won — mainly Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

Birthday time: Biden turns 78, will be oldest US president

Biden will be sworn in as the oldest president in the nation's history, displacing Ronald Reagan, who left the White House in 1989 when he was 77 years and 349 days old.

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