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ArtArt: an excellent means of self-expression

Art: an excellent means of self-expression

Published: 21st Apr 2021 4:33 pm

Owning a work of art with unmatchable aesthetic value, that appreciates with time, is indeed a valued and treasured asset, and with the art market presenting an encouraging prospect, this is the ideal entry point for young enthusiasts to invest in Indian art. However, apart from its investment proposition, another important attribute of art is its ability to trigger a quiet introspection and the mirror it upholds to society at any given time.

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Furthermore, the art you choose to display on the walls of your house or any other space will most likely be a topic of discussion, therefore it is imperative to carefully pick and select art that resonates with you and aligns with your philosophical ethos. An important parameter that must be taken into account while acquiring a piece is the emotive experience one share’s with the artwork. It is indeed important to study the artist’s practice and build a symbiotic relationship with the creations.

Good art will always inspire demand and the prices for masterpieces by seminal artists will remain steady as they have, historic as well as the leverage of a rich provenance. However, having said that, art will always be a subjective investment, influenced by the trends of the time. Therefore, one must always keep one ear to the ground and validate an acquisition, backed by research and analysis.

Factors such as an artwork’s exhibition and publication history go a long way to prove the importance of the work. Another crucial factor to trace is the provenance of the artwork. It is also imperative to follow the respective artist’s auction performance before making a commitment.

Sunny Chandiramani, Vice-President, AstaGuru

After researching and achieving clarity about the contended acquisition the final step is to choose a genuine and well-informed source. Galleries and auction houses represent the primary and secondary marketplace respectively. An auction house acquisition proves to be exciting as well as completely transparent, and the presented artwork’s legitimacy is seconded by the auction house since they undertake research and adhere to due diligence protocols.

It goes without saying that art can serve as an excellent means of self-expression, therefore curating an art collection that reflects one’s personality and taste is indeed an extremely fulfilling experience. It also proves to be an ideal mediator to build connections with like-minded people. Therefore collecting art is a passion for many, and it most certainly adds a lot of value to the collector’s life.

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