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Maara: A treat to eyes and ears

Published: 18th Jan 2021 6:43 pm

Like many films emanating from Kerala, this film carries a genuine Malayali and textual fabric that authenticates a tale that may, at our regular urban level, dismiss as vague or not in sync with our times. However, a short acquaintance with cinema in God’s own country and the lifestyle will tell you that the imaginative chords of creativity are far deeper and sensitive.

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It breaks the usual formulae that go in the making of the regular Friday makings in Telugu cinema.The tale begins with a little mischievous child in a bus travelling with her family and grandma, and refusing to go to bed unless she hears a story.

A co-traveller takes her through an adventure where the Good Samaritan enters and loses himself in the midst of a natural calamity. Years later, as a person involved in restoration (archaeology), the girl Paaru (Shraddha Srinath) reaches Kerala. She now runs into various pictorial representations of the tale she has heard.


Intrigued, she goes in search of this do-gooder who appears and disappears from the lives of people. Maara (Madhavan) lives the life of a drifter who is always out on his own moving from one place to another. Among the persons he saves is a sex worker Selvi (Abhirami), who later commits suicide, and her daughter who is nearly forced into prostitution.

Maara himself is an orphan brought up by a local postman Velayya (Moulee), an eternal lover who, decades ago, had lost his heart to Meenakshi (Padmavati Rao) whom he lost in the floods. He hopes that someday he would run into her. There is also the local doctor whose professional negligence had claimed a life. She attempts suicide and is saved by Maara.All of them live in a commune, the fulcrum of which is Maara. Does Velayya meet Meenakshi? Does Paaru meet the man she is searching for?

Brilliant cinematography and soulful music are enough reasons to see the film. Also is the fresh narrative painted, yet again, against the beautiful backdrop of Kerala. The storyline is fresh and does not require the viewer to leave behind his sensitivities. Balanced performances from the characters add credibility to the film.

Interesting take of a girl in search of the elusive Messiah who has a knack to be around when people need him and always helping out folks who are desperate – a la filmmakers from Kerala.Seen as a remake of a Malayalam film, it is recommended not because it is brilliant but even the normal from there is so much better than the best here.

Strongly recommended for the haunting music and the feast-to-the-eye cinematography. Actually, with due apologies to Madhavan who indeed is adequate, the real heroes are: Ghibran (music) and Dinesh Krishnan and Karthik Muthukumar (cinematography).

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