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Entertainment'Puli Vachindi Meka Sachindi', suspense drama with new faces

‘Puli Vachindi Meka Sachindi’, suspense drama with new faces

Published: 19th Dec 2021 3:00 pm

Filmmakers have been experimenting with various technicalities with the changing times of filmmaking. Touted to be Telugu language’s first 360 degree screenplay film, ‘Puli Vachindi Mekasachindi’ has entered the fray competing with the big-ticket Allu Arjun starrer ‘Pushpa’ at the box office this week.

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Directed by Sekhar Yadav, the film shuffles through wicked behavioral patterns of people hailing from different social segments. It starts off with a conversation between retired IPS officer Manu and his longtime friend and criminal named Panda (played by Anand Bharathi). And in one of their leisure-hour talks, Panda asks his friend to narrate an interesting crime story for inspiration to write a book. Panda needed a story that intrigued Manu in his entire stint as a senior cop. The mood which has been till then a casual talk, changes to a serious one. The camera pans out to show a family — Robert (Chitram Srinu), Aruna Kumari (Niharika Reddy), Vasudev (Yogi), Vaishali (Varsha) all conspire to kill a kid in the house.

Why the cruel thought of killing a child? What’s the relationship that Manu shares with the child? The twists and turns in the narrative is the story to be explored in the second half.

Chitram Srinu plays a full-length role on the silver screen after a long gap, with good variations. Niharika Reddy and Yogi chip in good with their performances. Ishan Subhan’s music is going to be another young talent to watch out for. Coming to the screenplay, director Sekhar tries his best to show what he could by not diluting the suspense element in the story. Editing could’ve been better in order to make the movie pacy. Some of the slow-motion shots might make impatient, however, you’d feel its unfair to expect everything right from a newbies who are new to the game.

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