Tuesday, October 26, 2021
TechShare your opinion on noo-gah!

Share your opinion on noo-gah!

Published: 12th Oct 2021 11:02 am

Hyderabad: We have a social media platform to share your pictures and a platform to write about your day and there is also a platform to just talk about different topics with strangers. Now a new social media app – noo-gah! – has been designed to reward and encourage people to connect via two-minute opinion-driven videos.

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The first gamified social media platform promises to bring change in the global social media market by pioneering gamification through conversation sharing. The beta version of the app went live on July 20.

The opinion aggregator will allow for seamless sharing of opinions, thoughts, ideas and starting a discourse with a global audience. Available to both Android and iOS users, the app has been infused with elements of gamification and innovative loyalty rewards.

Users can set-up their profile and begin using the app by uploading two-minute videos with their opinion on a wide array of topics. noo-gah! members can engage with the opinions shared on the app and reply in the form of text or videos.

Designed and developed by Sanjai Velayudhan and Nakshatra Sanjai noo-gah! wants to leverage the power of opinions and provides individuals a podium to talk about things that matter, voice their opinions and play a part in bringing about positive change.

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