Monday, January 24, 2022

hand hygiene

Editorial: Double the vaccination rate

More than half of the adult population has yet to receive even a single dose, despite a slight improvement in coverage in July

Second Covid wave is serious, warn Telangana health officials

Health officials say following Covid appropriate behaviour is only way to prevent spread of virus again

How hand hygiene is going beyond basics

At a niche level, innovations like recycled packaging, herbal hand wash, fruity fragrances are also doing good.

Second Covid wave looms over Telangana

State health officials cite Kerala’s experience in handling pandemic; warn people against lowering guard

WHO warns against complacency in view of declining Covid cases

"The upcoming festival season and the approaching cold season threatens to aggravate the situation if we let our guards down."

3 billion people globally lack handwashing facilities at home: Unicef

The situation is also alarming at schools: 43 per cent globally (70 percent in the least developed countries) lack a handwashing facility with water and soap, affecting hundreds of millions of children.

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