Thursday, January 20, 2022

Indian Origin

Branson-Bezos space tourism race begins, world on the edge

If successful, the mission, called Unity 22, will mark Virgin Galactic's fourth flight to space carrying humans, with its largest crew yet.

Low testosterone in men linked to severe Covid risk

The study did not find a direct correlation however, those with the lowest levels of testosterone in the blood were at the highest risk of going on a ventilator, needing intensive care or dying.

Indian origin man busted for letting Tesla car autodrive from back seat

The California Highway Patrol said it arrested him in the Silicon Valley on Tuesday and impounded his car after he was found letting the electric car drive by itself while sitting in the backseat

Billions of computers at hacking risk: Indian-origin scientist

Since 'Spectre' was discovered, the world's most talented computer scientists from industry and academia have worked on software patches and hardware defenses, confident they've been able to protect

Smoking cessation drug may treat Parkinson’s in women

"What cytisine does is it binds to target receptors but doesn't activate them as efficiently as nicotine," said researcher Rahul Srinivasan from the Texas A&M University in the US.

New tools assess in-hospital death risk of Covid patients

The findings, published in the journal EClinicalMedicine, indicates that these models could enable clinicians to better stratify risk in Covid-infected patients to optimize care and resource utilization

Indian-origin pharma executive gets 41 months in prison for fraud sales

Acting North Texas Federal Prosecutor Prerak Shah announced on Friday the sentencing of Sitesh Patel, 37, on a conspiracy charge relating to the misbranding of the supplements.

Embrace green spaces, shut screens to keep lockdown blues at bay

Being outdoors, particularly in green spaces, can improve mental health by promoting more positive body image, and lowering levels of depression and anxiety.

Novel method may help detect Covid antibodies in seconds

We utilized the latest advances in materials and manufacturing such as nanoparticle 3D printing to create a device that rapidly detects Covid-19 antibodies," said researcher Rahul Panat, Associate Professor at Carnegie Mellon

Gut microbe may promote some breast cancers: Study

The study, published in the journal Cancer Discovery, suggests that breast tissue cells exposed to this toxin retain a long-term memory, increasing the risk for disease.

Ravi Patel: Better roles for Indians in Hollywood now

Patel is best known for his the autobiographical comic documentary "Meet The Patels", and will soon be seen in the Gal Gadot-starrer "Wonder Woman 1984". The actor has also featured in the series like "Scrubs"

Sore eyes significant vision-based indicator of Covid-19: Study

"This is the first study to investigate the various eye symptoms indicative of conjunctivitis in relation to Covid-19, their time frame in relation to other well-known Covid-19 symptoms and their duration," said study

Rise in death, rehospitalisation in Covid recovered patients: Study

According to the study, published in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine, within two months of leaving the hospital, nearly seven per cent of the patients had died, including more than 10 per cent of the patients treated in an ICU.

Researchers develop new smartwatch app that warns deaf users

Smartwatches offer people a private method for getting notifications about their surroundings -- such as a phone call, health alerts or an upcoming package delivery.

Indian-origin researchers use bovine adenovirus to develop Covid vax

Bovine Adenovirus, also known as BAdV, is a member of the Adenoviridae family that causes disease in cattle.

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