Tuesday, January 25, 2022


30% of healthcare providers see breach of personal info: Report

Hyderabad: In the post Covid world, each and every aspect of our life has moved online and healthcare sector were the early adopters of...

Robust password reduces cyberattack risk by 60pc: Report

Hyderabad: Majority of the cyberattacks happen due to a weak password policy and a recent analysis shows that implementing a robust password policy reduced...

WFH new ground for cyber attackers

Volume of phishing incidents, data breaches risen by 400 per cent

Web threats doubled in India in Q2

Hyderabad: In the second quarter of 2021, India witnessed a dramatic spike in internet-borne threats when compared with the first quarter. The number of...

Pandemic-related phishing peaked in March

Hyderabad: While the pandemic has made us hooked onto our gadgets, it has also given a push to cybercriminals. Various fake payments offers and...

Pandemic-related phishing grew in June

Kaspersky products detected and blocked 14 per cent more pandemic-related phishing websites in June than they did in May.

Beware! You could be downloading a Windows 11 malware

According to a report by Kaspersky, while Microsoft hasn’t yet released Windows 11, the new operating system is already available for download and preview in the form of malware.

WhatsApp tops in phishing links, India at number 3

A recent study has shown that globally the biggest share of detected malicious links between December 2020 and May 2021 were sent via WhatsApp at 89.6 per cent.

Cyber attacks on crypto users’ devices quadrupled: Report

The number of unique modifications of Miners (malicious programs) more than quadrupled from 3,815 to 16,934 in Q1 2021.

Over 33% ICS computers faced cyberattacks in H2 2020: Report

The percentage of ICS computers attacked in the engineering and ICS integration sector grew by nearly 8 percentage points, said the report.

2016 Facebook malware campaign resurfaces, India becomes top victim

According to an investigation by cyber security firm Kaspersky, India ranks first with 603 infections in January on the list of infected countries by this particular malware.

Kaspersky appoints Rohit Sood as business manager

The new hiring is a part of Kaspersky's strategy to strengthen its hold over the government sector in the country by trying to get new business from the sector, the company said in a statement

Massive ransomware attack hits PTI, services resume

According to sources, no ransom was paid and the engineers worked through the night to restore the services by Sunday morning.

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