Sunday, December 5, 2021

News Media Bargaining Code

Australia passes law to make Google, Facebook pay for news

Google has already struck deals with major Australian news businesses in recent weeks including News Corp and Seven West Media.

Microsoft says US should copy Australia’s new media code

The US should copy the new media code instead, Smith said, stressing that he and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella reached out to Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison and explained that "even if Google wanted to leave Australia, we would stay".

Exclude YouTube from new media code: Google to Australia

"Several news businesses have advocated for YouTube's inclusion in their Senate submissions. We will continue to make our case to the Australian Government on why YouTube should remain excluded from the Code," the company said

8 facts why News Media Code needs to be tweaked: Google

"We believe that the concerns we and others have raised can be addressed with reasonable changes. We have proposed a solution that would see Google pay publishers for value under this new law -- without breaking Google Search," the company said

Google threatens to stop Search in Australia over new law

Mel Silva, Managing Director of Google Australia and New Zealand, appeared before a public hearing of the Senate Economics Legislation Committee that is reviewing a proposed new law called the News Media Bargaining Code.

Let publishers decide if news is shown on our platform: Google

Google has time and again slammed the draft News Media Bargaining Code again, saying it is unworkable and the company has raised concerns about its unfair payment conditions and unclear definitions and obligations.

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