Friday, January 28, 2022

petrol price hike

Rahul Gandhi rides bicycle to Parliament to protest fuel hike

Earlier in a show of unity, 15 opposition parties attended the breakfast meeting hosted by Rahul Gandhi at Constitution Club.

Hyderabad: Petrol price hiked five times in 10 days

The fuel prices have been increasing constantly since May and touched Rs 100.20 per litre in Hyderabad on June 14.

Petrol price hike fuels anger among Hyderabadis

The hiked prices, which have been on a constant ascent recently, have added to the overflowing cup of woes of the common man

Mamata Banerjee rides pillion on electric scooter to protest fuel price hike

With a placard protesting against the petrol price hike hanging around her neck, helmet-clad Banerjee waved at people on both sides of the road during the five-km-long journey.

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