Saturday, October 16, 2021


Telangana’s proactive measures lead to dip in number of daily Covid cases

Hyderabad: A series of proactive measures aimed at breaking the transmission chains of SARS-CoV-2 and containing the second wave of the Covid pandemic taken-up...

Covid third wave unlikely in Telangana, says DPH

Hyderabad: The chances of a Covid third wave in the coming months in Telangana is remote due to a combination of factors including widespread...

Breast milk of vaccinated mothers can pass antibodies to babies

Hyderabad: Lactating mothers who had received Covid vaccines can pass on their antibodies against the ailment to their babies through breast feeding, a study...

Bat-related coronaviruses more frequent than thought: Study

Singapore: An average of about 400,000 people are infected with severe acute respiratory syndrome-related coronavirus (SARSr-CoVs) annually in South and Southeast Asia, according to...

Editorial: Return of Nipah virus

It’s time the Centre and Kerala government took up containment measures with mutual trust and coordination

Covid third wave only if strain is more infectious

Likely to occur between first week of October and end of November: SUTRA

Telangana on track to tackle third wave

State on track to create enough infrastructure

Opinion: Negotiating vaccine inequity and hesitancy

Planning at the district level in India will be crucial in the journey ahead

‘Delta strain also hits vaccinated’

INSACOG, the multi-agency genetic sequencing consortium said that vaccination breakthroughs are common during Delta outbreaks and are expected in India as well

Intense third Covid wave unlikely in Telangana

It could end up as a small ripple, say IIT researchers

Covid second wave proved deadly for dialysis patients: Study

“The second wave in India was characterised by an increased overall mortality among patients on dialysis," said the Study

Telangana on our radar for local manufacturing: Hong Kong firm

Air purifier maker Aurabeat launches USFDA-approved anti-Covid medical device for SARS-COV-2 disinfection in India

Delta variant of Covid-19 remains active in Telangana

At least eight districts including Hyderabad, continue to report higher number of Covid infections daily

Coronavirus origin linked to China’s Mojiang mines?

A south-central Yunnan origin is a highly suggestive finding because at the centre of that region is the Mojiang mine, which is the focus of most lab origin theories

Delta danger lurks in Telangana, warn experts

Variant remains active in at least 10 districts, including areas under GHMC

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