Monday, January 24, 2022

Vaccine hesitancy

Telangana’s efforts to fight vaccine hesitancy pay off

Hyderabad: The State government’s efforts to encourage people to get vaccinated and the reporting of new Covid variant Omicron, appears to have yielded results...

Opinion: Negotiating vaccine inequity and hesitancy

Planning at the district level in India will be crucial in the journey ahead

Opinion: Countering vaccine hesitancy

A coherent and innovative bottom-up action plan is the way forward to combat the infodemic

Two-dose vaccination highly effective against severe Covid-19 infection

The WHO listed "vaccine hesitancy" as among the top 10 threats to global health.

Himachal tribals break vaccine hesitancy

As most of them do not own smartphones, the registration is being done offline

How to encourage people with Covid-19 vaccine hesitancy

The decision-making process gets dominated by personal risk concerns. The best way to counter those concerns, therefore, is to highlight the opposite: personal benefits

Vaccine hesitancy might pose threat to efforts for ending COVID-19 pandemic

Vaccine hesitant people may have anxiety over safety concerns, or they might belong to a community that historically has mistrusted the medical establishment, according to the study.

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