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EducationTracing back origin of human rights in India

Tracing back origin of human rights in India

Published: 9th Dec 2021 5:59 pm

Hyderabad: Today human rights pervade national and international spheres. Human rights, right that belong to an individual simply for being Human Being.

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In modern times the word Human Right came into existence after the end of world war-II, formation of United Nations Organization and adoption of Human rights Charter on December 10, 1948.

But for India, history of human civilization reveals that human rights existed throughout the ages, in one name or the other. This concept has developed from ancient to modern time for instance:

All four Veda’s insist on human dignity.

Principle of dharma from epics like Mahabharata and Ramayana make us learn the advancement of all human as well as restraining from injuring one another.

The preaching’s of Buddha also greatly influenced implementation of human rights
King Ashoka was successful in creating welfare state with intense practice of human rights, freedom, and rights

In Medieval times Mughal emperor Akbar has made remarkable contribution to emergence of Human rights by his faith Din-i-ilahi

In modern times Indians were discriminated in the enjoyment of civil and political liberties. This was opposed by freedom fighters and individuals of that time such as Nehru, Gandhi and others in their ways. Indeed, Gandhi had believed that his service to India was his service to humanity

After Independence India maintained its spirit in implementing human right under constitutional provisions such as Article14&15 .

Apart from the various Constitutional provisions, various statutes have also been enacted by Indian Parliament with a view to protect and promote human rights.With this we can conclude the concept of human rights developed and deepened its roots in India.


Political Science, DPS Nacharam

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