Thursday, September 23, 2021


Pinata lure X’mas cheer

The country likes to mix Christian beliefs with indigenous customs in their celebration called Posadas

Olympics prompts skiing boom

Nearly 21 million people have visited the large scale ski park in China

European rivers weave through million barriers

The number of barriers recorded in field was on average 2.5 times higher than in existing inventories.

China’s spacecraft successfully brings home moon samples

It was the first attempt to bring the moon samples in over 40 years after the US sent astronauts to the moon to collect samples.

US sets 24-hour records with over 3,700 Covid deaths, 250,000 new cases

Health officials had feared the US Thanksgiving holiday in late November would lead to a fresh outbreak of the novel coronavirus after millions of Americans traveled to join friends and family.

Global Covid-19 cases surpass 74 million: Johns Hopkins

India comes in second place in terms of cases at 9,932,547, while the country's death toll soared to 144,096.

Hyderabad-Origin man picked for mission to ISS

Chari, 43, will serve as the commander while Nasa's Tom Marshburn will be pilot and ESA's Matthias Maurer will serve as a mission specialist for the mission, which is expected to be launched next year

UNESCO World Heritage sites in India

This is embodied in an international treaty called the Convention concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage, adopted by UNESCO in 1972.

China develops new middle-to-low-speed maglev train

The train, with a maximum operational speed of 120 km per hour, will be deployed on a tourist route in Qingyuan City, south China's Guangdong Province, according to the company.

Lab-grown meat to make historic debut at Singapore restaurant

Demand for sustainable meat alternatives is rising due to growing pressure from consumers about the environment and animal welfare in the recent times.

Germany sees record death toll on first day of new lockdown

It said 27,728 new coronavirus cases were registered, a figure close to the daily record of nearly 30,000 infections reported on Friday.

Japan’s wasabi producers farm ‘green gold’

The knobbly root is difficult to grow, and is consequently an expensive buy for many

Hieroglyph typecaster tells new stories

The century old mechanical marvel has come to life once again in a Cairo workshop

Trump ‘absolutely open’ to taking COVID-19 vaccine: White House

In the past week, the US, the worst-hit nation, has reported an average of more than 215,000 new infections a day.

Arecibo telescope: From prominence to ruin

Arecibo Observatory, astronomical observatory, is located 16 km south of the town of Arecibo in Puerto Rico.
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