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WorldCalifonia’s Bioluminescent algae a visual treat

Califonia’s Bioluminescent algae a visual treat

Published: 24th Sep 2021 6:35 pm

Hyderabad: The glowing blue waters seen across California’s coast caused by the Bioluminescent algae or Dinoflagellates is a visual treat for the eyes.

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Bioluminescence is a chemical reaction where light is produced and it is said that Bioluminescent algae or Dinoflagellates produces blue light when the oxygen reacts with its chemical molecule ‘Luciferin’.

We may be thinking, why does the water glow when it’s splashed or the sand glows when we walk? There are many theories to the reaction. Some theories says it’s defense mechanism, these algae glows up to protect itself from its predators; some say it may be luring its prey or attracting mates and when we splash the water or walk on the beaches, it might cause a disturbance to these organism and in turn it emits light or we called the phenomenon as Bioluminescence.

Is it toxic? There are no studies which support where it’s toxic or not. Some theories suggest it’s toxic and can cause harm to sea life as well as to humans but other theories suggest it as non-toxic.

Bioluminescent algae can be seen in the open seas but what drives its presence on the beach sand is the nutrients which they feed to survive. Beach sand contains a lot of nutrients, minerals which attracts many tiny living organisms.

This visual aesthetic can be seen when the moon is completely out, more the darkness more the glow. Many people gather to experience this phenomenon and it can be said as Nature’s wonder.

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