Tuesday, September 21, 2021
Telangana‘Cong-BJP forging unholy alliance to defeat TRS in Huzurabad’

‘Cong-BJP forging unholy alliance to defeat TRS in Huzurabad’

Published: 6th Aug 2021 12:45 am

Hyderabad: Finance Minister T Harish Rao said opposition parties were unable to digest the support being extended by Dalits to ruling TRS party following Dalit Bandhu scheme and were resorting to conspiracies and forging unholy alliances.

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Opposition parties were making desperate attempts to ensure ruling TRS party does not win the Huzurabad constituency by-polls. Towards this, the Congress and BJP have signed a secret pact, he alleged.

A few leaders from BJP and Congress from Huzurabad constituency had joined the TRS in the presence of the Finance Minister at Siddipet on Thursday.

At the event, the Minister alleged that to make things favourable for BJP, Congress was working onto field a Dalit candidate from other constituency in Huzurabad.

Further, BJP was also making all attempts to field as many Dalit candidates in the by-polls to ensure victory of its candidate Etala Rajender, Harish Rao said, adding, “The parties were in false notion that all these plans would split Dalit votes in the constituency.”

Further, conscious efforts were being made to ensure Prime Minister Narendra Modi photos and BJP flags were not used in the campaign programmes as this would remind the voters about escalating fuel and domestic gas prices, the Minister said.

“There is no development in the constituencies represented by BJP. If BJP was so confident, can Eatala Rajender get Rs 1,000 crore development package for Huzurabad from Prime Minister Narendra Modi,” Harish Rao questioned.

Due to the policies being adopted by the Prime Minister, the country’s financial position was worse than the neighbouring Bangladesh. Considering this, the voters in West Bengal and Tamil Nadu taught a fitting lesson to the BJP and the same was going to repeat in Huzurabad, the Minister remarked.

“If Eatala Rajender wins the Huzurabad elections, it will benefit only him and if TRS wins, it will benefit the entire constituency. Society’s benefit is more important than an individual’s benefit,” Harish Rao said.


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