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EducationGitanjali Devashray children have their fill of merrymaking

Gitanjali Devashray children have their fill of merrymaking

Published: 30th Nov 2021 6:12 pm

A day marking childhood and to make this event a memorable one, Children’s Day was celebrated both online and offline by the students of Gitanjali Devashray.

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Online celebration began with morning prayer followed by variety of fun filled activities and games planned by teachers, munching favourite snacks and teachers gave various performances in order to exhibit their love and affection for the students.

Next day celebrations continued offline and children were all dressed up in their colourful outfits. They were gifted a kaleidoscope as a token of love.The students were overwhelmed and enjoyed the day.

Tiny tots learn ‘good habits’ for life

Nursery children of Gitanjali Devashray were taught the importance of Good Habits. Good habits help children grow healthy and stay happy. We all know, early to bed helps us to get up early. The same was taught to the Nursery children with the thought of helping them to always stay fit and advising them to stay away from mobile phones during bedtime.

From brushing their teeth, combing their hair, trimming nails, sorting and tidying up their toys, eating healthy food, etc. the Nursery children of Gitanjali Devashray spent their weekend following Good Habits and enjoyed doing and following Good Habits.

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