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How long an average Indian would have to work to afford iPhone 13?

Published: 26th Sep 2021 6:17 pm

Hyderabad: Since the time prices for the latest iPhone 13 have been released, buyers from all over the world have expressed concerns over the whopping prices for the phone variations. The similar being from buyers in India, their yearly tradition of sharing iPhone-kidney jokes yet again made waves on social media platforms due to the device’s unaffordable nature in India.

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Well, since the release of the phone, many have started contemplating on how much they would have to work to afford an iPhone 13.

Meanwhile, to ease the struggling ones, a new research by ‘Money Supermarket’ has now shown how much someone will have to work to be able to afford the base variant iPhone 13 (128GB) based on the minimum wage and the cost of the iPhone in a particular country.

As we all know that iPhone prices range differently based in different places depending on the import duties, tax, currency fluctuations among several other factors that affect the overall cost. And according to this research, for an Indian to afford an iPhone, they’d need to work for 724.2 hours – approximately 30 working days.

However, India comes second on this list, with the first place taken by the Philippines, where to own an iPhone, you’d have to work a whopping 775.3 hours.

Surprisingly, the US, the nation where Apple originates from, is third on the list with 49.5 hours. And the country where you can buy an iPhone with the least amount of work hours is Switzerland, where you’d need just 34.3 hours of work on minimum wage to afford one.

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