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Review of the card-based deck-building game, Night of the Full Moon, for mobile platforms

By   |  Published: 9th Jan 2021  6:53 pmUpdated: 9th Jan 2021  6:57 pm

Card-based games, especially ones where you build decks are a weakness of mine. Games like Gwent, Hearthstone, The Elder Scrolls: Legends have been some of the best I have played. To put it simply, card-based strategy games have enthralled me hook, line, and sinker and thus Night of the Full Moon had to be tried.

This is game that borrows from the popular tale Little Red Riding Hood and you play Red as you search for your missing grandmother. In the journey, you encounter a series of opponents from other popular bedtime tales including witches, scarecrows, shades and the three-headed dog Cerberus. Beating them through cards is a lot of fun as Night of the Full Moon has a well-developed system of cards.

There are four categories of cards, namely attack cards, counter cards, equipment cards and action cards. Each category has unique abilities and rules that govern them, which allows you to mix and match for a great strategy.

Once you have figured this out, the game is a breeze. In terms of gameplay, the card design and animations are top-notch; when you play a card, it often is memorable. This, accompanied by the various mechanics, means that there is a lot here that can be tweaked and customised. I made my deck all about drawing more cards each turn as I could then also play a lot of them each turn too.

Similarly, opponents too have unique cards and skills so versatility is key here. In terms of design, Night of the Full Moon is minimalistic but it achieves a lot with it. The music and sound effects augment the game and the tempo mirrors the stage of gameplay, once in a while the howl of ravenous wolves reinforces Red’s tale.

The unique take on the popular fable and the deck-based combat is a lot of fun as you never realise when you run out of the free content. This game is DLC-based and each chapter must then be bought. The design and business model are effective as it leaves you wanting more. A multiplayer game mode would be a fantastic addition here. Give it a try if card-based games are your thing, buy the additional content too if you like it. This is a game that deserves it.

Sneak peek

Title: Night of the Full Moon

Developer: Giant Games Game

Type: Card-based Deck-building strategy

Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows

Price: Free to Play with in-app purchases for additional continent and ads for extra rewards in game


Innovative gameplay: 4.5

Game handling & quality: 4.5

Value for time: 3

Potential progression without in-game purchases: 2.5

Overall: 3.62

What Stands Out

  • The sound effects and enemy design are flawlessly executed
  • The deck and card-based combat is inventive and unique; this is one game that could do with a multiplayer game mode

Fails to impress

  • The free-to-play portion of the game is a lot of fun but leaves you wanting for more, much more
  • The fast-paced action of the game doesn’t give you the time to appreciate what each card contributes. Sometimes, there is just too much happening

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