Thursday, December 2, 2021


Why do we have leap years?

In the Julian calendar, named after Julius Caesar, every fourth year had 366 days rather than 365.

How did silk get out of China?

When the Chinese discovered the secret to creating silk, they held the monopoly on silk production worldwide.

Five books to read during Unlock

Apart from the classics, here is a list you can choose from.

Nourish yourself with these ‘fruitful’ nutrients

A child must be provided with essential nutrients so they don't face immunity problems at a later stage.

Five rules for choosing festival footwear

A traditional kurta matched with tan-coloured loafer can do wonders for your look.

Will Hyderabadis go to cinema halls?

As cinemas, theatres and multiplexes are set to open, it remains to be seen whether people will be willing to go

Gitanjali Devashray: Students discuss ways to save environment

Students spoke about different forms of pollution, their causes and their effects.

How and why Polygraph, narco-analysis tests are performed?

A numerical value is assigned to each response to conclude whether the person is telling the truth, is deceiving, or is uncertain.

Internet shrunk the world to a global village

People such as Christopher Columbus also wanted to spread their culture and their way of life.

Parents remain in the dark when kids use e-cigarettes

The researchers also found that when parents set strong household rules about not using tobacco -- applying to all residents -- their children were less likely to start tobacco use.

Researchers zero in on 24 superhabitable planets for alien life

A study, led by Washington State University scientist Dirk Schulze-Makuch and published in the journal Astrobiology, detailed characteristics of potential "superhabitable" planets, that include those that are older

Neolithic people made fake islands

Oakbank is just one of 18 crannogs that have been surveyed in Loch Tay alone. But Loch Tay is not unusual.

Who invented bread?

The first-known leavened bread made with semi-domesticated yeast dates back to around 1000 BC in Egypt.

New exhibition to feature arctic culture and climate

Through the knowledge and stories of Indigenous Arctic Peoples, the exhibition addresses the global issue of changing climates in a transforming world.

New directions: Indian railways and intercity bus segment

In parallel, constant improvements to the infrastructure has allowed for the expansion of India's intercity bus network.
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