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EntertainmentMAA polls: Manchu Vishnu plays some humour, says he "gpayed Mahesh Babu"...

MAA polls: Manchu Vishnu plays some humour, says he “gpayed Mahesh Babu” to seek vote

Published: 7th Oct 2021 9:34 pm

Actor Manchu Vishnu showcased his humorous side on Thursday when he faced a volley of questions from press persons ahead of Movie Artiste’s Association (MAA) polls. To a query on whether his panel indulged in bribing voters, Manchu Vishnu sarcastically said, “Not just Rs 10,000, we have bribed the voters by giving Rs 75,000 each to win the elections.”

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He said he also gave Rs 75,000 each to all his family members including Manchu Manoj, Manchu Lakshmi seeking their support.

Counter reacting to Naga Babu’s statement that Vishnu’s panel has been bribing the MAA members in order to win the elections, Vishnu replied, “I also paid the same of Rs 75,000 to star Mahesh Babu, but he is on a vacation. I am not sure whether he saw it,” he joked. Vishnu said he would take the amount back if they failed to vote in favour of his panel.

Soon after announcing the poll manifesto, the actor wished that the MAA association would grow in number and stand as one of the biggest and powerful associations in the country with as many as 5,000 active members in the entire country.

“When MAA was founded some 25 years ago, the challenges were different. Now, the number of members has grown to 950. The Telugu film industry is a very peculiar one. None would know when audiences would welcome an actor and when they reject the same actor again. If I am busy with projects throughout the year, I may not find work for almost three weeks at a stretch the coming year. So the problem is not about local and non-local. A filmmaker would like to cast an actor as per his wish, as per the trend, after sometime the same actor may not be trending in the industry. “MAA” app would enable actors to promote themselves to fetch offers,” he added.

Election will be held on Sunday at Jubilee Hills Public School and the results will be announced on the same evening.

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