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EntertainmentRadhe: Just another outing celebrating anarchy

Radhe: Just another outing celebrating anarchy

Published: 13th May 2021 6:41 pm

As if the morbidity world over is insufficient Prabhudeva gives us an all-time low tale of violence crude and blood spilling.

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In a hundred odd minute tale of a drug pedlar defying the police with gory attacks and lampooned tales of drug victims, this Eid presentation from Prabhu Deva may be third time successful for the maker actor combo but to the viewer it is third time unlucky.

It is just not another outing that celebrates anarchy and has a disruptive narrative but is so crass that you are left cringing to believe that this film is a product of effort and hope that a star is willing to associate with this kind of script is a sad nay tragic reflection of the barren shelf called Bollywood.

It is a one-line story of how officer under suspension Radhe (Salman Khan) is called back to service to reign in the drug mafia headed by Rana (Randeep Hooda). Alongside Radhe is his immediate boss Avinash (Jackie Shroff) whose sister Diya (Disha Patni) is in love with the disguised police officer who she calls chocolate boy. That much for irony!! At the end of the film the central character sends a video of the torture of the villain to some one in a hospital. This is exactly what the film maker does to the audience for about 100 minutes in the name of marketing the dated Khan.

Rods and glass splinters play a major role in the film. Add to this a whole set of unkept guys who are supposedly engaged in a gang war between two villains.

Yawn, scream, yell but your decibels cannot outsmart the over-the-top menu that the film has in store for the festival. Even the production elements are poor.

The graphics look comical as are most in the cast for a good part of the film. Randeep Hooda looks like he is still in the RGV sets. His villainy is hardly chilling though that is what is intended and desired. If spotting long hair an unkept face and wearing black is villainy, Hooda has done the best. Disha Patni has a demeaning role where she is made to giggle and screech.

Jackie Shroff is still to make out whether he is to sound funny or serious. Introduced as the police officer who has been behind 97 encounters and twenty odd transfers his portfolio is obviously a caveat more than an inspiration. Age sure has taken a toll on this actor. He continues to tear and reveal his torso but only the naïve will buy it now or of course his diehard fans. For his own good some more such outings and even the die-hard fans will come to terms with social distancing. This Bhai is surely not the most Wanted.

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