Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Anil Rachamalla

Impersonation on social media

Although many impersonators are harmless, many focus on defamation and extorting money

The tricky world of online job scams

Fraudsters ask for a security deposit and even provide fake documents before disappearing into thin air

e-Commerce portal frauds demystified

Lack of understanding of app-based payment services and UPI among the public is helping fraudsters fleece innocent people

All about the new digital ethics code

All laws and regulations are orientated around the outcomes that shape people’s experience.

How to protect your privacy on social media

Safeguarding personal information has become a challenging task

200 per cent jump in cybercrime cases in Rachakonda limits

Hyderabad: Just as in the Hyderabad Police limits, cybercrime in the Rachakonda Police limits too saw a surge in the year of Covid-19, registering...

Frauds galore in the name of ‘Work From Home’

People are fooled into paying to start a business or being tricked into completing work for which they are not paid

Keep your social media accounts private

Oversharing of information may lead to issues like cyber-stalking, live location disclosure, social profiling, phishing, identity theft etc.

Social media and freedom of expression

Misuse of social media demands need for formal censorship, while there are also fears of violation of civil rights of people as a consequence

Secure your home Wi-Fi from hackers

Security starts at home. Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity - Wireless Network) has made it so easy for anyone to use Internet on laptops, smartphones, tablets...

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