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Bigg Boss Telugu 5

TRPs look good for ‘Bigg Boss Telugu 5’ grand finale

The ratings of the four-and-a-half-hour-long episode are out. According to BARC, Star MAA has got 18.4 (SD+HD) TVR Ratings for the Grand finale.

Alia Bhatt mouths Balayya’s famous dialogue at Bigg Boss Telugu 5 finale

Hyderabad: The grand finale of 'Bigg Boss Telugu 5' saw an ensemble of stars on the dais as Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt wowed the...

Siri, Manas out of ‘Bigg Boss Telugu 5’ title race

Hyderabad: Siri and Manas have been eliminated as the grand finale of reality show 'Bigg Boss Telugu 5' approaches. With an ensemble of stars in...

Rajamouli to accompany Ram Charan, Alia Bhatt on ‘Bigg Boss Telugu 5’

Hyderabad: It was earlier reported that 'RRR' actors Ram Charan and Alia Bhatt are to appear on the 'Bigg Boss Telugu 5' for the...

Siri, Sunny’s never-ending fights irks BiggBoss Telugu viewers

Hyderabad: As the makers set the stage for the grand finale of 'Bigg Boss Telugu 5', top-5 contenders seem to be bored of staying...

Bigg Boss Telugu 5: Shanmukh insults Siri’s boyfriend

Hyderabad: Shanmukh Jaswanth, who was shown his 'Bigg Boss Telugu 5' journey, seems to have become quite emotional at times. As the finale is round...

‘Bigg Boss Telugu 5’: RJ Kajal gets evicted, top 5 contenders in the fray

RJ Kajal, who has fought all the way till here, has been eliminated from the show, even before reaching the top-5 list. Kajal is considered one of the strongest players but hated by the most number of the 'Bigg Boss' inmates.

‘Bigg Boss Telugu 5’: Speculation rife on who’ll exit house this weekend

VJ Sunny, Manas, Sree Rama Chandra, Kajal, Siri and Shanmukh are the top-six contestants for the season.

‘Bigg Boss Telugu 5’: Sreerama Chandra becomes the first finalist

The playback singer, who suffered injuries in one of the tasks, was supported by Sunny and Shanmukh in a couple of tasks before he participated in the final round to win the 'Ticket to Finale'.

Contestants undergo tough tasks in ‘Bigg Boss Telugu 5’ to win ‘Ticket To Finale’

Hyderabad: With only a couple of weeks away from 'Bigg Boss Telugu 5' finale, the reality show has become more interesting with internal fights...

Fans call Anchor Ravi’s elimination ‘unfair’

Anchor Ravi, who was one of the strongest contestants of 'Bigg Boss Telugu 5', was evicted from the house on Sunday and the fans...

Priyanka Singh’s viral video shocks ‘Bigg Boss Telugu 5’ viewers

Being a transgender, Priyanka wants to prove herself to the world. Well, Priyanka a.k.a Pinky is portraying herself as an innocent, but has a deceptive nature.

‘Bigg Boss Telugu 5’: Manas grabs the opportunity after 10 weeks

Now that the contestants are giving their best to win the captaincy task, it is really important for each of them to gain immunity as the game has become harder.

Bigg Boss Telugu 5 viewers slam Siri and Shannu as ‘fake friends’

Hyderabad: As the ongoing episodes are full of viral content, 'Bigg Boss Telugu 5' has been consistently grabbing decent TRP ratings. With back-to-back tasks,...

Massive fight on ‘Bigg Boss Telugu 5’: Who wins?

Except for Singer Sree Rama Chandra, all the other contestants were badly tripping over during the tasks this week.

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