Thursday, October 28, 2021

Emily Blunt

Breaking or Protecting: All about Deathloop

A review of the just released action-adventure game, a timed exclusive

Emily Blunt admired her character’s spirit in ‘Jungle Cruise’

Lead actor Emily Blunt, who plays the part of researcher Dr Lily Houghton, takes on this adventure in search of a magical healing tree.

Jungle Cruise sets sail from Disneyland, where the story first came to life

No prizes for guessing that she absolutely had a good time on what she found ‘whimsical, silly fun and beautiful’.

Scarlett Johansson shares anecdote behind taking over ‘Black Widow’

Washington: American actor Scarlett Johansson revealed how she got back her iconic 'Black Widow' role after Golden Globe-winning actor Emily Blunt left the Marvel...

Emily Blunt: Really appreciate that Dwayne Johnson comes from struggle

When you get to know him as being much gentler, much more shy than people realize, you really realize that 'The Rock' is the performance of a lifetime.

Emily spills the secret of her happy marriage with John Krasinski

Hollywood actor Emily Blunt shares the secret of her happy marriage with John Krasinski

Actress Emily Blunt’s first kiss was horrible

Blunt shared that she was playing spin the bottle with friends when the bottle landed on Ashley, whom she said was a tall and handsome boy with a 90s "curtained" hairstyle that she and her friends found attractive.

‘MI 7’, ‘A Quiet Place 2’ to stream on Paramount+ after 45 days in theatres

As per Variety, upcoming Paramount Pictures releases will debut exclusively in theatres as planned. However, after 45 days, the theatrical films will land on the budding streaming service Paramount+.

Comparison with Emily Blunt bound to happen: Parineeti on ‘The Girl On The Train’

Parineeti maintains that she has performed the role in her unique style and not tried to stay true to the original film.

Jamie Dornan opens up on lacking confidence

Although he is famously known for his role as the wealthy BDSM-loving protagonist in the Fifty Shades franchise, Dornan recently said he shares a "lack of confidence," with the character of his new film, as per Fox News.

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