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ColumnsBreaking or Protecting: All about Deathloop

Breaking or Protecting: All about Deathloop

Published: 19th Sep 2021 11:45 pm

The most awaited game of 2021 is out and it is a quest about trying to break an endless loop. The Deathloop is the video game equivalent of Edge of Tomorrow (Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt, strongly recommended if you haven’t watched it).

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The first of several contradictions that makes Deathloop worthwhile is that the movie ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ itself was inspired from video games as Tom Cruise goes through an endless number of deaths (respawns if you may call) to save Earth. So Deathloop in essence brings respawn to a medium that invented it. However, while reinventing the wheel one may ask, how does it do it differently though? And, in understanding the difference lie the game’s entire experience.

Set on a fictional island where a temporal anomaly has been perfected to relive the same day; a team of nine wish to spend their eternities, in the pursuit of the same, till one of them grows dissatisfied and wishes to end the loop.

You play Colt, the team’s former leader who wishes to move on to the next day and thus needs to kill the other eight before the day ends. Time is of the essence, as the eight of them are strewn across the island and killing each of them isn’t easy. Did I also mention, each time the day passes and you fail to kill all eight, you have to kill them all, all over again?

However, ending the loop is not just all the game offers you, it also allows you to play from Julianna’s perspective; the lady out to stop Colt. Playing Julianna is an online experience and it means you are invading someone else’s journey as Colt to stop them from succeeding and that is where Deathloop reinvents the wheel a second time. Just when you master Cole you face a live opponent in Julianna and all strategising goes out the window or vice-versa.

Deathloop’s strength is its simplicity, the game wants you to win but will stop you in every way it can. This is intelligent AI to the point where if you think you have understood the way the AI functions, it throws a live opponent at you. The experience is simply unparalleled and its unpredictability is at its finest.

The sound effects are quite fun and the gameplay has minimal flaws and you can execute strategies with ease as the game offers you an endless number of ways to accomplish your objectives. Will it be all enough to break the loop though? Make sure to give it a try if you feel you are up for it. Endless replay value guaranteed.

Lastly, game of the year contender you say? I can’t help but agree.

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