Thursday, December 9, 2021


NTPC donates Rs 3 lakh worth equipment to Karimnagar Police Archery Academy

NTPC Chief General Manager Sunil Kumar handed over the equipment to Commissioner of Police VB Kamalasan Reddy

Huawei sales up, but growth slows under US pressure

Huawei is struggling with U.S. sanctions that cut off its access to most American technology and components in a feud with Beijing over technology and security

Defend yourself from social engineering attacks

Fraudsters go after human weaknesses like fear, greed, trust, carelessness and haste to extract information

Officials breach Musi project bund to control heavy inflow of water

The decision to breach the bund was taken after inflows increased to 1.83 lakh cusecs in the early hours of Wednesday.

Ensuring smooth transition to formal schooling

The ministry recommended that schools adopt flexible attendance and sick leave policies.

Trump signals improving health with appearance for supporters

Health experts have complained that the messaging from the administration -- and particularly Trump's medical team -- has caused widespread confusion.

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