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Govt to auction ‘major’ oil, gas fields of ONGC, OIL: Dharmendra Pradhan

These resources actually belong to the nation and they will be monetised by bidding them out to interested entities, Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan said.

India’s gas output rises 23% as RIL-BP fields start production

India's crude oil production, however, slipped 2 per cent to 2.49 million tonnes as state-owned ONGC and Oil India Ltd (OIL) produced less.

14 firms bid for KG-D6 gas in e-auction

Reliance Industries Ltd and its partner BP Plc of the UK, had offered 5.5 million standard cubic meters per day of additional gas in the auction.

Hubble images show giant star on edge of destruction

The star, called AG Carinae, is a few million years old and resides 20,000 light-years away inside our Milky Way galaxy. It is estimated to be up to 70 times more massive than our Sun and shines with the blinding brilliance of one million suns.

Reliance buys two-thirds of gas from KG-D6

The auction was held under the liberalised price discovery rules notified by the government that allowed affiliates of the gas producer to bid and buy natural gas.

RIL, BP produce gas from Asia’s deepest project

RIL and BP are developing three deepwater gas projects in block KG D6 – R Cluster, Satellites Cluster and MJ – which together are expected to meet 15 per cent of India's gas demand by 2023

India plans $60-bn investment in gas infra: Dharmendra Pradhan

Speaking at Assocham Foundation Day Week 2020, the Minister said, "On the investments front, we have envisaged a spend of $60 billion in creating gas infrastructure till 2024, including for pipelines, LNG terminals and CGD (city gas distribution) networks.

18 killed due to excessive level of poisonous gas in China’s coal mine

The accident took place on Friday evening when workers were dismantling equipment in the pit, trapping 24 workers underground.

Oil regulator gives more time to complete projects

PNGRB issued an order granting more time to 41 city gas entities to complete their rollout commitment

Decks clear for ONGC to merge refining subsidiary MRPL with HPCL

Sources said that the process of merging ONGC's two oil refining subsidiaries, HPCL and MRPL, will be started immediately after the company completes merging ONGC Mangalore Petrochemical Ltd (OMPL)

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