Saturday, January 29, 2022

K Sivan

Eminent rocket scientist S Somanath appointed ISRO chief

New Delhi: Eminent rocket scientist S Somanath has been appointed as the chairman of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) as well as the...

In April, India likely to have sky eye GISAT-1 in geostationary orbit

Sivan said: "The GISAT-1 launch slated for March 28 got slightly delayed as some technical issues were observed in the satellite and the rocket. The issues observed issues have to be addressed even if they are minute ones."

ISRO to offload most activities to industry, enhance focus on advanced research

Union Minister Jitendra Singh, who heads DoS, has said 35 space startups and industries were in consultation with ISRO for support related to various domains of space activity.

ISRO to adopt 100 Atal Tinkering Labs

An ATL provides activity-based learning so that young minds can give shape to their ideas for societal problems which also fosters entrepreneurship and innovation.

ISRO developing green propulsion for human space mission: K Sivan

As India continues to focus on economic growth, it needs to ensure that environmental damage is limited by adopting green technologies, said ISRO Chairman

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