Monday, January 17, 2022

North Korea

North Korea warns of ‘stronger’ reaction after US imposes new sanctions

Seoul: North Korea on Friday warned that it will have to take "stronger and certain reaction" after the US imposed new sanctions over Pyongyang's...

North Korea tests hypersonic missile

Hyderabad: North Korea says leader Kim Jong Un oversaw a successful flight test of a hypersonic missile he claimed would remarkably increase the country’s...

‘North Korea fires apparent ballistic missile toward East Sea’

Seoul: North Korea fired a suspected ballistic missile toward the East Sea on Tuesday, South Korea's military said, less than a week after it...

North Korea says it tested newly developed hypersonic missile

Seoul: North Korea said on Wednesday that it has conducted the first test-launch of a newly developed hypersonic missile on Tuesday that has "strategic...

Tokyo Olympics: IOC looking at redistributing slots held for North Korea

An IOC official speaking at a press conference explained the need to finalize the allocation of slots to ensure fairness as there are athletes waiting for information about participating in the games, reported Kyodo News.

North Korea tells WHO it’s still virus-free

WHO officials say the North is no longer providing the UN agency with the number of people it quarantines with suspected symptoms.

Pandemic scare: North Korea pulls out of Tokyo Olympics

A website run by the North's sports ministry said the decision was made during a national Olympic Committee meeting where members prioritised protecting athletes from the "world public health crisis caused by Covid-19

North Korea test-fires ballistic missiles in message to US

US Indo-Pacific Command spokesperson Capt. Mike Kafka said the US military was aware of the missiles and was monitoring the situation while closely consulting with allies.

Chinese hackers target SII, Bharat Biotech: Report

Both SII and Bharat Biotech are involved in producing Covid-19 vaccine

Doomsday Clock: Why does it matter?

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, founded by Albert Einstein and students from the University of Chicago in 1945, created the ‘Doomsday Clock’ as a symbol to represent how close the world is to a possible disaster.

No Nuclear

The first-ever nuclear weapons ban treaty is groundbreaking, even though the nuclear powers haven’t signed  

‘Biden admin’s policies may marginally impact Asian credit conditions’

The report also said that the US policy towards China is unlikely to change dramatically in the early stages of the Biden administration.

Foreign policy challenges for Biden

The new regime's success in repairing strained relationships is crucial for the US as well as the whole world order

Russian, N Korean hackers target COVID vaccine maker in India

According to Microsoft, among the targets, the majority are vaccine makers that have Covid-19 vaccines in various stages of clinical trials

North Korean justice system treats people as ‘less than animals’: HRW

"The regulations say there shouldn't be any beatings, but we need confessions during the investigation and early stages of the preliminary examination."

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