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Fertility or pregnancy not affected by COVID-19 vaccination

New York: One of the biggest fears and doubts that makes people think twice before getting vaccinated is its impact on pregnancy and fertility....

Study examines pregnancy intentions using contraceptive

Utah: A new study has found that pregnancy intentions often change over as short as a 12-month time period, and they specifically vary with...

Smoking during pregnancy linked to smaller babies in the future: Study

The findings showed that women who smoked at the start of their first pregnancy were more likely to have a baby born smaller than expected in their second pregnancy compared to non-smokers.

Choline during pregnancy impacts children’s sustained attention: Study

Washington: Seven-year-old children performed better on a challenging task requiring sustained attention if their mothers consumed twice the recommended amount of choline during their...

Covid infection linked with increased complications in pregnancy, birth

London: Pregnant women with COVID-19 are more likely to have complications with pregnancy and birth compared to those without the ínfection, according to a...

Children of mothers with diabetes during pregnancy have increased risk of eye problems

The findings of the study were published in Diabetologia (the journal of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes [EASD]) The research is by Dr. Jiangbo Du, State Key Laboratory of Reproductive Medicine

Hyderabad: Experts stress on early screening to detect genetic disorders

Senior gynaecologist, Dr Suma Prasad stressed on the need to conduct genetic tests during pregnancy and in the early childhood to prevent any abnormalities in the later part of life

Sonam Kapoor refutes pregnancy rumours with her latest Instagram post

Reacting to such rumours, Sonam, who got married to businessman Anand Ahuja in May 2018, took to her Instagram Story and stated that she is still getting her periods.

Here’s how pregnancy affects vaginal health

Gynaecologist Dr Anne Henderson has now shared relevant information about vaginal health during pregnancy, reports Female First.

Amrita Rao shoots her first ad film commercial, post pregnancy!

According to a source, all precautionary safety measures and protocols were taken care of.

Bursting male fertility myths

The growing numbers can be accredited to the exposure to environmental chemicals that disrupt ones endocrine balance.

‘The baby was taken away from me’

Anchor Hari Teja gives an account of what it is like for a pregnant woman to suffer from the virus.

Potential treatment of breast cancer through targeted drugs, says study

Hormones have proteins on their cell surface called receptors that receive and send biological messages and regulate cell function. Through research published in the journal npj (Nature Partner Journals) Breast Cancer

Study uncovers potential treatment of breast cancer through targeted drugs

Hormones have proteins on their cell surface called receptors that receive and send biological messages and regulate cell function.

Covid-19 vaccine safe during pregnancy: US CDC

Pregnant individuals reported pain at the injection site more frequently than their nonpregnant counterparts but fewer follow-up symptoms such as headache, chills, muscle pain and fever.

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