Saturday, January 29, 2022

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Rethinking screen time and gaming during Covid-19

It is important to help kids stay focused on learning and avoid disproportionate use of screen time, gaming, social media, and videos

Hot temper, cool parenting

Acceptance that these times are different and difficult will be a good starting point for parents.

Google launches website to help parents with kids’ tech use

Parents can now encourage children to spend more time with apps they approve of by designating them as "always allowed," even when their screen time limit is up.

Are you digitally ready?

It is vital for all of us to know how to use online tools appropriately and effectively

How screen time impacts boys and girls differently

The findings indicate that boys, who played video games at age of 11 had 24 per cent fewer depressive symptoms three years later, whereas girls who used social media most on days at age 11 had 13 per cent

Study reveals less screen time, more sleep critical for preventing depression

According to the study, a significant relationship between physical activity, healthy diet, and optimal sleep (7-9 hours) was associated with less frequency of depressed mood.

Keep your children safe online

With children spending more time online, the risk of exposure to inappropriate content and falling prey to cybercriminals are on the rise

Smartphone reveals how spiritual texts can promote well-being

While other studies have found such a connection between spirituality and positive emotions, the new study is significant because frequent texting over smartphones made it easier to capture respondents'

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