Wednesday, October 27, 2021

two-factor authentication

Twitter brings security key as your only 2FA method to mobile, web

In March, Twitter had said it would soon let people use a security key as their only two-factor authentication method.

Encrypting your online life is important

It protects against interception of data by ‘hackers/attackers’ and twisted data can only be decrypted with the encryption key

Facebook expands support for security keys on smartphones

Starting from Friday, the users can set up two-factor authentication and log into Facebook on iOS and Android mobile devices globally, including India, using a security key.

Twitter to allow security key as only authentication method

Currently, Twitter users can use a security key to sign in and also need an authenticator app or SMS code as another 2FA (two-factor authentication) method.

Make cybersecurity your New Year resolution

It is important to stay secure online to protect your privacy and data

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